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 Australian Conference of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Tasmania, November 2012: 

Paul undertakes regular lectures and reading performances and will make an excellent speaker for your conference, lecture, after-dinner speech, sales meeting, in-house training, marketing event, seminar and motivational lectures in schools and colleges. With his background of high adventure and personal journey into disability, Paul would be a great choice for your event.

Paul has lectured in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, at nursing schools and hospitals around the world. He has spoken at Banff, Telluride and Kendal MoluntainFilms.  In 2009 Paul lectured in Italy and France and UK and was a guest speaker at The Domzale Mountain Film Festival in Slovenija. He also gave a lecture at Arco Rock Master Para-Climbing World Cup 2012 in Italy. He is on speaking tour in Italy in Nov 2013.


Fahan School 3 September 2013

"Paul's presentation was inspirational.  He certainly engaged the girls and earned their admiration.  A number of girls said to me it was the best Principal's Assembly we have had……. he will be a hard act to follow!

Tony Freeman - Principle

"I was truly inspired by Paul's story and his ability to bounce back. His family would be incredibly proud of him and I admired his determination and passion." 
Charlotte Bell 
Yr 9 

"Paul gave us amazing and beautiful images of a trip that would inspire anyone. Perhaps more importantly he gave us a very different vision of success than those with which our students are usually provided. Proof was here that persistence and stickability are every bit as important as ability."
John Williamson
Head of Humanities (and long time Everest tragic).

Taroona High School, Tasmania 13/20/27 May 2011:

Paul, we would like to thank you on behalf of the students that listened to your incredible journey through life. Your message about looking back on the brighter side of life and bouncing back from disappointments is truly amazing. We hope you continue to work with our students in the future, Cheers, The Wellness Team.

Students from Don College (years 11 - 12), Devonport Tasmania, 2012:

I found it interesting and inspiring that he never gave up and he always looked at things in the best light. He is an inspiration, his story should be told to more people. 

I thought he was very brave to talk about his experience. What surprised me were how hard some of the climbs he did looked. What inspired me was that after his accident he still persisted in climbing and trying new things. A very inspiring man indeed. 

I thought Paul Pritchard was very inspirational because he didn't regret his accident and persevered with his rehabilitation until he was able to do what he loved again: rock climbing. His story was quite upsetting but he is a true hero.

I think what paul does is incredible and it makes me realise that I can probably climb the rock wall at Don College. 

Arco Rock Master International Climbing Competition 2012, Italy:
Paul Pritchard demonstrated that in sport as in life, difficulties can be overcome with passion, commitment and dreams.

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Speaking in Lecco, Italy, 2009.

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