An Adventurer's Life

To attempt an all disabled crossing of the himalayas on a tricycle from Lhasa to Kathmandu.

Led first route after an eleven year gap.

Coruscades, Franklin River

Successful all-disabled ascent on Kilimanjaro (5896 metres) by the Western Breach Route. Rock climbing again in Colorado and Snowdonia.

Federation Peak ©Grant Dixon.

Eighteen days spent traversing the Eastern Arthur Range and an attempt on Federation Peak in Tasmania.

From left to right: Bernard Kinyua, Jane Boucher and Paul Pritchard on the summit of Point Lenana, Mount Kenya.

Success on Point Lenana on Mount Kenya. The climb was sponsored in aid of Headway - a non-profit brain injury charity that works with people who have suffered a traumatic head injury.

Trekking in the Utah Desert (USA) and Tasmania and a failed attempt to climb Jebel Toubkal in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

1998 and 1999
spent in hospital and rehabilitation

Climbing upon Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, The Blue Mountains and Mount Buffalo in Australia. Accident on Friday 13th February.

First ascent of The Wall of Dykes (1200m), an all free climb in the Ak-Su Valley, Khirgizistan.

Two months winter climbing in Scotland. Last new routes at Gogarth, most notably Sign of The Sun Dog and 93 000 000 Miles.

In Karakorum, Pakistan; Trango Tower (6350m), Slovene Route in alpine style.
First ascent of Adrift (1000m, 5.10 A4) on El Capitan, Yosemite, California. First ascent of Hyperborea (1000m) on the West face of Mount Asgard, Baffin Island.
Attempt on East face of Cerro Torre, Argentina and first ascent of Corn Wall (500m) on North Tower of Paine. Attempt on the Meru Sharks Fin in Gangotri, India reaching 6300m. More new routes in Karnataka,  India.

1000m up on El Regalo de Mwoma

First ascent of El Regalo de Mwoma (1200m) on East face of Central Tower of Paine, Patagonia. First ascent of El Caballo de Diablo (600m) on the North Tower of Paine - the first alpine style free climb in the Paine. First ascent of Planet Earth (600m) on Paine Chico. Eight months followed climbing in South America - New routes in Argentina, Big walls in the Brazilian forests and solos of 6000m peaks in Bolivia.

Began mountaineering! Attempt on the Estrella Impossible on Bhagirathi III, Gangotri, India, ended without success after being hit by rock-fall. First new routes in Hampi, Karnataka, India.

Much time spent in Europe experimenting with sport climbing. Six months climbing in the deserts of North America. First ascent of Knuckle Sandwich, Strone Ulladale.

Many First ascents in the Dinorwic Slate quarries including; I Ran The Bath, Bathtime, Wishing Well and Cure For A Sick Mind. At Gogarth, first ascent of Super Calabrese (E8) and Unrideable Donkey (E7). In Llanberis Pass first ascents include Surgical Lust and King Wad. Perhaps, most impornt in climbing terms was the first free ascent, with Johnny Dawes, of The Scoop on Strone Ulladale in Scotland.

Making an early repeat of Dawes of Perception, E7 6c Vivian Quarry, Llanberis
Moved to Llanberis, Wales at the beginning of the Slate boom and the Gogarth revival. Early repeats of Raped by Affection and Dawes of Perception on the enormous Dinorwig Slate Quarries in Snowdonia. But mostly active on the sea cliffs of Gogarth, Anglesey where new routes included The Enchanted Broccoli Garden, Schittlegruber, Come To Mother, Heart of Gold Direct and Salem.

Soon discovered he had an aptitude for dangerous climbs and brought new levels of boldness to Lancashire with ascents of Perimeter Walk (E7), Strawberry Kiss (E7), Pretentious Gallery, Soot Monkey and On The Brink. Five months spent in Verdon Gorge, France.

Began climbing in the quarries that pock marked the moors around his home town in Lancashire.


  1. Brilliant: Can't wait to hear about progress

    To choose the right Kilimanjaro Climb route for you, there are plenty of variables to be mindful of.
    Who: Who is climbing? The whole group's abilities must be factored into choosing a route. The rest of the party is relying on your decision. Pick a route that best fits everyone.
    What: What limitations surround your climb? Are you bound by a budget? Or the number of days on your trip? There are cheap/expensive routes, and short/long itineraries.
    How: How do you see your trek? Do you want the most challenging route or a less strenuous one? These answers will affect which route is for you.
    Where: Where do you want to begin your climb? The routes start from all sides of the mountain. Where you begin affects cost, scenery and scenic variety.
    Why: Why are you climbing? Is it very important to summit? Then choose a route with a high success rate. Do you want to take the best photos? Then pick the most scenic route.
    When: If you are climbing during the dry season, great. But if you are climbing during the rainy season or the shoulder seasons, then the route you select can play into the climb's difficulty.
    So Which is the best route to use to climb up kilimanjaro? Lemosho Route and Rongai Route are the most scenic routes up kilimanjaro. Mt Kilimanjaro Machame route is also a scenic and very popular route with many climbers.
    The Marangu Route Climb is however the most used route since it has the advantage of sleeping in huts with bunker beds, hot showers, beverages and beers in the evenings are also available. Marangu is also the shorter route and can be done in 5 days although an extra day for acclimatisation is recommended.